Oran Mór

The Oran Mor is the combined music of all existinces. It resides like a deep pool of wisdom and meaning yet to be explored. Oran Mor means Great Song, and it is used in some places as one of the old names for God or Divine Spirit or Creator. The underlying idea is that Creation is a Great Song sung into existence by the Divine Spirit who is also that Great Song. I suppose it is similar to the idea that you can’t separate the “dancer from the dance.” You can’t separate the singer from the song.
This notion of the Creator and Creation as One is found in other Celtic traditions. You can find it in the writings of the Irish spiritual teacher John Scotus Erigena who put it this way, “Everything that is, is He.” You can even detect it in the Irish language where duile (elements) and dulra (nature) contain the same root word as Duileamh, a concept that is not easily translated into English with a single word. Clearly Duileamh refers to some “Being” who is either the “Elements” or the “Source of the Elements” or “in the Elements.” The phrase “God of the Elements,” a phrase popular in many Celtic Christian prayers, comes somewhat close.
In order to hear a great symphony, the individual players should be in balance. Nature, left to it’s own , will compose a concert fitting to the place it is in. In a balanced place the music will be more beatifull, than in a garbage dump. Taking the phrase so without, so within, this also complies to us, individuals. Our life’s symphony sounds better when we are balanced. Taking inspiration from the medicine wheels of the North American native people, balancing all aspects of the wheel will provide a deeper spirituality.