The path of music.

The path that starts with vine/bramble and ends with the Elder is a mysterious path. The southern path is connected to music and 3 out of 5 trees bares fruit which can be made into an alcoholic beverage and one into a writing tool. The path of awen surely can benefit form the intoxicating effect of alcohol. However, all trees also have a connection with the Fae. Along the path we start with going with the flow and rebirth and ends with death and regeneration. All the trees have a flexible aspect, giving the path an extra dimension. The path of music in my mind can also be named the path of the Oran More. The overall theme of the music varies along the frivoulous towards reincarnation, biy keeping it flowing.

The vine was not present in Ireland and Wales in the early ages CE, but were present when the book of Ballymote was written.