Tree descriptions

In order to use the wheel as a medicine wheel or a divinatory tool, I use the ogham translation into trees. Which gives us:

  • Beith “birch-tree”.
  • Luis “rowan”.
  • Fearn “alder-tree”
  • Saille “willow-tree”.
  • Nion “ash-tree”.
  • Huath “white-thorn”.
  • Dair “oak” .
  • Tinne “holly”.
  • Coll “hazel-tree”.
  • Ceirt “apple”.
  • Muin “vine” or Bramble
  • Gort “ivy”
  • nGéadal fern or reed.
  • Straif “blackthorn”.
  • Ruis “elder”.
  • Ailm “pine-tree”
  • Onn “furze”.
  • Úr “heath”.
  • Eadhadh “aspen”
  • Iodhadh “yew”
  • Uilleann “honeysuckle”
  • Pín, later Ifín “gooseberry or thorn”
  • Emancholl ‘twin of hazel’

In the following pages these trees will be described by their biological characters, their divinational meaning and their magical use.